High School Students: DO NOT READ

Hey, high school teachers: I know how fun it is bending your curriculum to the whims of your school board. Because lesson planning and grading and controlling hormonal little monsters (who are actually angels, but seriously, Jackson & Tegan, do you have to make out with each other in the hallway?!) all day isn’t exhausting enough, there’s a new generation of parents, community members, and politicians dedicated to banning books and restricting how history is taught… straight Orwellian.

But as long as your car is being back-seat driven by a bunch of people who probably slept through Drivers Ed themselves, let me open my virtual doors to you…

When I first launched The Progress Pages back in 2020, I envisioned a digital forum that unites the voices of progress to champion advocacy and social action. This was founded on the idea that we all have important perspectives to share and we all deserve a clean, professional, and supportive platform to share them.

And we are here for you!

So if you’re a high school teacher thinking to yourself:

“Wait, do they seriously not realize that Critical Race Theory is a highly technical graduate level subject that’s not even taught in high schools?”

“How can I teach American history authentically if I can only excerpt the parts that make it look like it’s always been heroic?”

If you find yourself wracking your brain about how to deliver your content authentically and not get fired by bonkers schoolboard members hoping to prep the country for a good, old-fashioned Säuberung, post it here! Seriously. We’ll have it up by the end of the week for all to see. And no true, red-blooded patriot can fault you for exercising your first amendment rights.

Send in your content via this form. Just copy/paste the truth you want to be out there right into this neat little form and we’ll put it on our site. As long as it follows our guidelines, of course. But our guidelines are probably the same ones you expect in your classrooms (if you’re good teachers, that is): Any content that we deem hateful, discriminatory, or derogatory will not be accepted or published; and content must be grounded in facts (no alternative facts here, thank you!).

The last step is easy – tell your students that under no circumstances should they visit this site. Put it on your whiteboard: “Do not visit theprogresspages.com/not-crt/.” Put it in your syllabus. Plaster it over your virtual classroom. Make sure your students know which page they should not go to. And if your teenage students won’t listen to you, if they insist on defying you and going to this page anyway, where they will find all the information that has been banned from their curriculum, well, that’s not your fault. You explicitly told them not to!

Published by Brian Bayer

With a degree in journalism from John Carroll University, Brian's post-collegiate road took him to Guayaquil, Ecuador, where he spent three and a half years wearing various hats, including as a teacher, a community outreach volunteer, and a freelance writer focusing on themes of social justice, poverty, and healthcare. While bearing witness to incredible injustice and inequity, he decided to seek the solutions by returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh and to pursue a graduate degree in International Development, which he earned in 2021. He is a proud fellow of the New Leaders Council, alumni of the Johnson Leadership Portfolio program, and serves as a board member with the Sto-Rox Neighborhood Health Council. As the founder and editor-in-chief of The Progress Pages, he hopes to provide a creative outlet for innovative minds seeking to elevate progressive ideology.

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