The soul of tomorrow depends on the actions of today, which is why this site strives to serve as a repository of progressive thought, a bastion of innovative ideas, and a living archive of progress in the 21st century.

We believe that positive change is rooted in thoughtful reflection, and we hope that this repertoire of essays, galleries, and video can strengthen and empower the voices that will drive the change we so desperately need.

Our Logo

Progress Pages Logo

The overlapping P’s show that progress is a collaborative process; the green represents harmony, logic, emotion, nature and growth, while the blue represents trust, reliability, and calmness, fundamental components of the constructive dialogue we hope to inspire. The design is tied together by the arrow that transverses the negative space, pointing towards the future to which we aspire.

Submission Standards and Guidelines

We strive to create an inclusionary platform in which all perspectives are welcomed and ideas can be challenged to promote growth. Any content that we deem hateful, discriminatory, or derogatory will not be accepted or published. We reserve the right to hide any comments or content that violate our standards as well.

All content should be submitted here. Once content has been submitted, it will be posted to the site within 48 hours, once it has gone through our editorial process to make sure it conforms with our style guide. Your content remains your intellectual property and you may request that we hide, unpublish, or remove your content at any time. Content will be shared across all of our social media channels.

Style Basics:

◦ One space after periods and other punctuation marks
◦ Referenced works in quotes
◦ Use bold text rather than italics
◦ Use sans serif font
◦ Use the serial (Oxford) comma
◦ Do not use periods or spaces in abbreviations composed solely of capital letters, except in the case of proper names

Editorial Board


Brian Bayer

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