Dignity through Care

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Looking to the Past to Save the Future of Performing Arts

Christian Collins
September 21, 2020
COVID-19 hit the performing arts industry early and hard. As of early May, nonprofit arts organizations had lost an estimated $4.98 billion, and the average artist/creative worker had lost $24,000. This income loss is devastating for artists; it comprises nearly half of a craft and fine artists’ average annual salary.

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History Has Its Eyes on You

The Trump Administration truly is a bottomless pit of disappointment. This week, they have begun requiring all food boxes distributed by the USDA to include a message essentially giving his administration credit, signed by Trump himself.

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Give me liberty AND give me death: A COVID Reflection

The look of joy on his face when he runs through a sprinkler in the middle of a hot summer day. The feeling of pride at his middle school chorus concert. Late nights helping with homework. A warm hug in the aftermath of that first teenage breakup. The awe that he has finally graduated high school, and wait, how did that happen so quickly? College too! Watching him find true love and making a grandparent of you. These are a few experiences that the parents of a California boy won’t ever have.

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