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Dismantling the Barriers of White Supremacy Obstructing Ecological Sustainability Initiatives in Communities of Color

Institutional racism upheld by strong capitalist markets have embedded inequity into the fabric of American society for centuries, disenfranchising entire communities of color; economically disadvantaged communities are therefore largely excluded from mechanisms that would contribute to creating healthier local communities and a more sustainable world.

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Still undecided?

Still undecided? Please vote for Joe Biden. It might seem like it, but I’m not trying to get political – I’m just trying to kindle a stranded, struggling ember of humanity in our democracy.

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AmeriKKKa and its (In)Justice System

Rachel Bayer
October 13, 2020
The United States of America: Land of the…Free? Sure, as long as you’re white and wealthy. Here’s the breakdown—the movement for racial justice and equality in this country should not be a political debate. Black rights are human rights. Black lives are human lives. Being black is not a crime. But in the United States of AmeriKKKa, blackness is criminalized and punished by corrupt, racist white police officers and their devout supporters.

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